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Green Luxury Villa Bali

Green Luxury Villa Jimbaran is the ideal choice for those who want to experience a modern staycation that feels like they are at home.

Our villa also accommodates 5 air-conditioned bedrooms complete with LED TV and clean bathrooms with bathtubs in each room. The spacious living and kitchen area is equipped with an electric stove, oven, blender, air-fryer, refrigerator, rice cooker and complete cutlery, perfect for gatherings of family or friends. We provide free Wi-Fi to keep travelers connected, and board and cable games are also provided to keep guests entertained during their stay.

Upon request, arrangements for pool parties, barbecues and extra beds can be prepared by our staff.

  • Barbeque – On Charge
  • Pool Party – Chargeable
  • Extra bed – 100k


Our villa has 5 rooms:

  • Room 1 has 1 Queen/King Bed
  • Room 2 has 1 Queen/King Bed
  • Room 3 has 1 Queen/King Bed
  • Room 4 has 1 Twin Bed
  • Room 5 has 1 Twin Bed

All rooms have an indoor Bathroom.


Villa Rates Per Night

Our villas provide a range of prices to suit your preferences and budget.

During peak season our prices range from:

  • 4 rooms – 5.7 million rupiah (IDR) or $370 (USD)
  • 5 rooms – 6.6 million rupiah (IDR) or $426 (USD)


During low season our rates range from:

  • 4 rooms – 3.8 million rupiah (IDR) or $245 (USD)
  • 5 rooms – 4.4 million rupiah (IDR) or $285 (USD)


Benefits – all plans come with the same benefits other than the number of rooms assigned to you.

  • Janitor
  • Free wifi
  • Garden
  • Chief of servant
  • Private pool
  • All kitchen equipment
  • Board game
  • Floaties can be requested
  • During the blooming season, you can pick fruits like mangoes, lemons, bananas and many more from our garden to eat.
Room Detail
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